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The Asia Israel Business Forum

The Asia Israel Business Forum was started by Nir Ben-Dov, Mikhal Heffer and Tal Reshef in mid 2010, in response to a need by the community of business people, academics, service providers and others dealing between Asia and Israel.

L to R: Tal Reshef, Nir Ben-Dov, Mikhal Heffer

  • The Forum is a Business PLATFORM for doing business in Asia.
  • The Forum provides tools and assists Forum members to expand their business.
  • The Forum is an opportunity to share experience, professional knowledge and ties.
  • The Forum is about Networking with people sharing common Asian interests.

The Forum meets periodically basis.  In our past meetings, numbered below, we dedicated to the specific topics –

7th – the Chinese Automobile Industry and Production Lines

8th – Japan after the Tsunami and opportunities

9th – Chinese Cleantech

10th – Opening an Israeli factory in China

11th – Israel and India

12th – Meeting with the Vietnamese Embassy

13th – Agro-Mashov

14th – Asian Sting Operations – Identify and Avoid

15th– Meeting with new Israeli Ambassador to China Matan Vilnai

Ambassador Designate, General (Res) Matan Vilnai, addresses the Forum prior to his departure to his post in Beijing